Tuesday, November 22, 2011

 'AEROGAMI' paper sculptures - $8 (south Tampa)

I made and sold many hundreds of various designs of my AEROGAMI flying paper sculptures at the Denver Botanic Gardens and other venues in Colorado in the mid 1990s, and am revisiting that life era for fun and profit once again. One design was inspired by the now-cancelled European Space Shuttle proposal called HOTOL, in which the vertical stabilizer was positioned at the front of the fuselage. I found that when added to a double delta wing AEROGAMI, the result is a greatly reduced tendency to stall when thrown hard for distance flights. Raising and lowering the trailing edge flaps allows one to achieve loop-the-loops, straight level flight, or banked curves. It is made from heavy gauge paper and staples, and the fuselage is reinforced with a drinking straw for greater rigidity while adding very little weight. After each flight it should be picked up by the heavily-reinforced nose vs. the wing to avoid damaging the AEROGAMI. Ridges embossed into the wings add a "cool factor" while adding tensile strength. The vertical stabilizer is painted before being incorporated into the plane. Each is made from differing color paper, and is hand-signed by me, the artist. Unpainted AEROGAMIs are $8 each; those painted in one color on top, and another beneath, are $10. No shipping, just stop by to purchase your AEROGAMI when it is completed. Do NOT let them land on damp grass or soil as that will greatly reduce their lifespan of several years when they are well cared for. This design is 12 inches long and 10 inches wide. I have many other designs available as unique, locally-made holiday gifts.

Call or e-mail to place your order for this design or other of AEROGAMI and to arrange pick up here at 3212 West Paxton Avenue, Tampa FL 33611. 813 839 0881.

Thanks and Happy Flying! John Starnes

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