Friday, October 21, 2011

Freezing Eggs For Winter

The chickens keep laying fewer and fewer eggs as autumn deepens, so for a while I will be less generous and stockpile many for some to use this winter for quiches and omelets. How? Just crack them into your blender, and when it is nearly full of raw eggs add a level teaspoon of seasalt, blend, let sit a minute to be sure the salt has dissolved, then blend again. Pour the mixture into recycled yogurt and cottage cheese tubs, label, then freeze. Today I will also add some Muscovy duck eggs that were laid randomly vs. in a nest. Last winter on a COLD day I used a BIG tub of frozen eggs, three cheeses on sale, onions, and whole wheat flour to make a HUGE quiche in my biggest Pyrex baking dish. When it cooled I cut it into squares and wrapped and froze each individually. It was a joy to get hungry and take one out of the freezer, thaw and zap!   John

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