Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Duck and Chicken Food

I enjoyed QUITE the haul today from a local restaurant (easily 40 lbs.) I barter with, plus a local pizzaria (easily 25 pounds) !  Woo hoo! Some people ask me if/why I am comfortable feeding commercial restaurant food scraps that surely are loaded with salt, MSG, etc. to chickens and Muscovy ducks whose eggs and meat I eat. I have a few replies:
1. I am cheap and low income
2. Commercial poultry feed is expensive and based on GMO soy and corn that scare me
3. All-organic, non-GMO poultry feed is VERY expensive...and I am not the 1%.
4. Recycling is important to me
5. In the wild, chickens and ducks are ominivores, not vegetarians...they eat insects, lizards, amphibians, fish, shellfish like clams, and arthropods such as crawfish and spiders and sowbugs....animal protein is crucial to them.
6. I am cheap

There is an abundance of free/barterable poultry food if we are open to inquiring about it with our friends and neighbors and co-workers who might work at a grocery store, restaurant, or farmers' market.


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