Friday, October 28, 2011

Down On The Farm On A Wet Friday.....

I will take credit for today's slow gentle drizzle and rain...late yesterday I put a full load on the clothesline! I spent most of the day inside, lurking WAY too much on Facebook. But early in the day I completed the bed I am putting in for my Catholic neighbor, Theresa Yarawski,  behind me.....the garden she had for the statue of Mary I gave her years ago had been crowded  by weeds despite me, her and her visiting kids weeding often. So a few days ago I removed the statues and hose holder, and covered the entire bed with two big pieces of carpet I'd scavenged a few weeks ago, each upside down. Today I covered the carpet weed barrier with about 5 inches of mulch from my pile, washed and painted white the scalloped concrete edgings that in the years since her deceased husband (and wonderful neighbor) Bill Yarawski placed them there had sunk deep into the sand, then put the edging back but now much higher and bright white. The hose holder and Mary and a few decorations are back in place atop the mulch, and around Christmas, when the weeds have all died beneath the carpet, I'll use an old knife to cut out coffee saucer size holes from the carpet and plant flowers. Thanks to Mary Jo for a couple months ago giving me this bucket of THICK white latex paint I've been using to spruce up my own yard. I've used scavenged carpet as a VERY substantial weed barrier (vs. those wimpy fabrics) since the 1990s in both Denver and Tampa in my landscape clients', and my own, yard.

In my own yard, when the rain became a very light drizzle, I sowed seeds of 'Giant Red' mustard in a very large tree pot (drainage long restricted by the holes being plugged with used plastic grocery bags) in my east bed out back, plus seeds of  other cold hardy crops.

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