Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ducks, Ducks and More Ducks!

About seven Muscovy ducks remain in the large pen I'd raised them all in since their ducklinghoods for safety from predators.....they got wise to how I caught the others to move to the free range area by grabbing their tails when I dumped in the restaurant scraps. I can't even get close to them.  It looks like two males and they've been "at it" a lot lately in that brutal rape fashion that ducks do (I wonder if dinosaurs did that too?) and so lately there have been eggs laid inside the dog house igloo in there but with no effort to make a nest or be broody. So today I took out six more, dated them with a felt tip pen, cleaned out the incubator and turned it back on, added the water for humidity and the no-mercury thermometer I got at Publix to make up for the missing thermostat, then placed the eggs atop a fresh kitchen towel supported above the water reservoirs by metal mesh. Muscovy eggs hatch best at 99.5 farenheit so I am tweaking the temps each time I turn the eggs. Now to put on my calendar to expect/hope for hatching 35 days from today.

I just got in from bringing home scraps from south Tampa's "Artifacts" restaurant on MacDill Avenue just south of Gandy..., great folks there. Sometimes I give their chef Doug herbs and veggies from my gardens in thanks....today I gave the bartender Chris a new bouquet for her customers to enjoy as they drink and socialize. It is a mix of 'Teasing Georgia' roses, canna edulis, pandorea  vine, Blue Porter Weed,  and celosia argentea. Waiter/bartender Jason commented that it looked great as he topped off the vase with fresh water.

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