Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Allium canadense plants for sale

Native from Canada to central Florida, this perennial member of the Allium (Onion) family bears thin, chive-like leaves that taste like a mix of garlic and sweet scallions. The reproductive bulblets (pictured) that form atop flower stalks in spring have more of a garlic bite as do the underground bulbs. Give it full sun and DAMP soil; lower the pot into a drainage tray filled with water, grow it in a Water Wise Container Garden, or by an air conditioner drip or pond shore. The plant grows vigorously from October through April, dividing at the base to in a couple years form a nice dense clump, then the tops die back for summer.....so to be sure to mark where they grow! This gem is rarely sold so I am pleased to have 10 plants in 1 gallon pots for $5 each available on my front porch Honor System plant sales table along with Sweet Cassava and African Blue Basil and others. Just slip your cash through the white dryer vent in my red office door if I am out. My address is:  3212 West Paxton Avenue  Tampa FL 33611 Thanks!

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