Saturday, December 4, 2010

The urban farming/permaculture/organic garden documentary 'Fresh'

As a long time urban farmer and organic gardener who has grown much of my food since 1984, I saw this illuminating documentary last night at a south Tampa organic restaurant on S. Manhattan Avenue and found it to be a powerful catalyst as regards re-defining the functions of various areas of my large back yard. In particular I will devise ways to corral my free range chickens into areas that late each summer get CONSUMED by a very aggressive annual grass. And due to the concept mentioned much of grazing animals on GRASS, I am very likely going to seed 1-2 areas in Bahia grass next summer to use as rotational pastures. Enjoy the trailer and try to see 'Fresh' for a fresh perspective on how we eat and live and work. John


  1. A little pang of jealously. I had planned to go to that showing, but my ride fell through at the last minute. Oh well, next time. Hope it's showing again sometime soon.

  2. Jim you'd love it. Maybe I can rent/buy it cheap and have a potluck here. Give me a call.....I have some seeds you'd love plus new baby chickens. John 813 839 0881