Friday, December 17, 2010

My Free Hurricane Proof Henhouse

Several years ago when I had to go back to Denver each spring (with deep reluctance) to meet commitments there, one early spring during our  annual neighborhood 'Large Item Pickup" here in Tampa where people set out TONS of stuff to be picked up by special garbage trucks and crews, I scored from two homes several LARGE chainlink driveway gates. I did not know WHY I wanted them, but I AM John Starnes.....dumpster diving packrat par excellence'.....I brought them home, leaned them against the east wall of my Tampa home, then headed back to Denver in yet ANOTHER 2,100 mile road trip for me and my poor road weary dog Sweety and my cats Angel and Luvyu.

But one afternoon, when I got to finally be home in Tampa for good, I was delightfully altered on cannabis and free associating how to transform my blank canvas yard....I laid all the gates on the ground to see the possibilities, and soon realized I had JUST the right number to make a VERY sturdy and spacious henhouse by wiring them all together. I built it atop a few layers of scavenged carpet to insure that racoons could not burrow in from the sides. My free range chickens exit it each morning, go in to lay their eggs, and go in at sundown when I close the door.

My total costs?  ZERO! It has endured many hurricanes and now does double duty as a grape arbor for "Gray Street Grape" and "Gracie's Grape" to give the chickens shade in summer, sunny warmth in winter, and OODLES of grapes for me.

Just remember the dumpster diver/scavenger's motto:  "Peek and You Shall Find" !    John

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