Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Viewing of 'Dirt' here in south Tampa

Friday night at 7 PM at the Grass Roots vegan/raw/vegetarian restaurant at 4334 South Manhattan Avenue, east side in a strip mall. These are the good folks who last week shared 'Fresh'. Hope to see you there unless I stick with the original plan of cooking and eating and conversing with a friend who lives near there....we might be attending instead. Come at 6:30 or earlier if you wish to eat there first. John


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  2. Arranging my own transportation this time; I hope to actually make it to this one ;^)

    Maybe I'll see you there.


  3. Jim it turns out I am hanging out at Peggy's for a quiet evening of vegetarian pizza and conversation and 'Christmas Vacation' with Chevy Chase as originally planned.....I think her boyfriend is joining us. Give me a call/e-mail some time, come down for lunch, see my Third World looking "farm" and swap seeds and plants, see my young chickens. John 813 839 0881 'Dirt' looks to bea great flick as was 'Fresh'.