Wednesday, December 29, 2010


While my papayas and bananas and nasturtiums and brugmansias and hedychiums and more have been already zapped by hard freezes twice now, and it is not even January yet, I remind myself that my "Denver Roses" and my two Mystery Grapes, "Gracie's Grape" and "Gray Street Grape", will no doubt benefit from this winter with real sustained dormancy. I look forward to oodles of tasty fruits and sumptuous rose blooms......AFTER I do a LOT of cutting back of freeze-killed plant tissue all OVER my south Tampa yard. John


  1. I'm sure the roses love the cold. I have read up on grapes that will live in Florida. Any other suggestions ?

    Happy Holidays!
    Andrew Grover

  2. Blue Lake comes to mind, Lake Emerald another....Conquistador is good too.