Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seeds of Forage Brassicas for Sale

Bred to have a low mustard oil content to avoid tainting grazing cattles' milk, these tasty, edible, very cold hardy brassicas thrive in winter in central Florida. In cold climates, sow them in early spring. Sadly, they are sold to the public only in 1 to 50 lb. bags. My goal is to make these more widely available to gardeners while recouping my costs. I am selling 1 tsp. of seeds (approx. 600) for $3 and a A Self Addressed Stamped Envelope sent to me at:

John Starnes
3212 West Paxton AvenueTampa FL 33611

I have the following:
Barnapoli Rape-large mild tender leafy tops
Bonar Rape- reminds me of a mix of broccoli leaves and collards, beautiful light silvery green, no bitterness, tender and sweet
Pasja-I believe it is a hybrid of Mizuna and a turnip, a classic salads green also good in stir fry, great for grazing right from the garden
Appin-Similar to Pasja, also mild flavored, tender, and a vigorous grower. Sow them all from October through February in central Florida.

Thanks and happy gardening! John

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