Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Monster Home Grown Quiche

I used one of my two dumpster-dived long Pyrex baking dishes today to make a huge quiche that tonight I will cut into SMALL slices (8-10 lbs. of body fat more to lose to get my abs back) and freeze them. I admit that it came out YUMMY! The crust was biscuity...I made a wet dough of flour, olive oil, sea salt, bran, and baking powder and spread it about 1 inch thick in the baking dish after spraying it with lecithin then drizzling a little extra virgin olive oil ( 1 liter for FIVE dollars at Big Lots!). I put about 7 chopped yellow onions atop that batter, a half pound of cubed Publix Swiss cheese, then poured over that the mix a big tub of herbed eggs I'd found in my freezer of a LOT of eggs from my chickens plus already salted and herbed.....I thawed it last night. Today I added two fresh eggs and chopped Allium canadense garlic and mizuna and purple kosaitai for color, fiber and nutrition, plus added a few drops of iodine and a sprinkle of food grade diatomaceous earth to provide silica and dietary iodine. I baked it at 350 degrees for one hour.....a table knife inserted in it came out clean. Damn I love my own cooking! John

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