Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AEROGAMI planes for sale

Tampa garden columnist John Starnes (St. Pete Times, Fine Gardening, Florida Gardening, Colorado Gardener, Sunset Magazine) is once again making and selling his flying sculptural paper airplanes called AEROGAMI he sold many hundreds of in Colorado. They are made from very heavy gauge paper, have reinforced fuselages, are painted in many colors, and each is hand signed and dated by the artist. There are many dozens of designs, but all are based are being aerodynamically correct with true airfoil wings, trailing edge camber, and control flaps to allow for banking, loop the loops, or smooth level flight. Due to their sturdy construction one needs a good throwing arm and a big open field to fly them in. If kept dry and picked up BY THE NOSE ONLY, each AEROGAMI plane will last for years. See below some of the designs available. They average 11 inches in length and are $10 each and may be picked up at: 3212 West Paxton Avenue Tampa FL 33611 Call to place an order for a preferred design if you wish: 813 839 0881

AEROGAMI planes are the ideal unique and affordable gift for this holiday season for people who like to fly cool things.

AEROGAMI planes are the ideal uinque and affordable gift for this holiday season.

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