Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caterpiller Control for Tomatoes and Brassicas

The natural bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki has been my main defense against garden ravaging caterpillars since the mid 1980s, both here in Tampa and in Denver. Many brands sold in retail stores are greatly diluted, over-priced and often contain DEAD bacteria due to the products being stored in hot areas. So I buy and write and teach about the 'Dipel' brand.  Just keep it in your fridge for YEARS of usefulness. One teaspoon of this POTENT concentrate in a quart of filtered, well, pond or rain water (don't use chlorinated tap water) in a spray bottle will let you treat easily a 10 foot row of Brassicas (broccoli, cabbbage, mustard, boy choy and more) for just pennies. Spray your tomato plants until dripping when they are 4-6 inches tall, then again when a couple of feet tall to protect them from tomato hornworm. For the 19 years I cared for my clients' landscapes,  'Dipel' allowed me to keep their lawns free from sod webworms and their veggies safe from ravaging Cabbage Looper, Army Worms and Cut Worms.  John

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