Thursday, June 24, 2010

Natural Organic Grasshopper Control

Years ago I cured my lubbers problem here in my then new Tampa yard by broadcasting Nolo Bait, which is bran treated with the protozoa Nosema locustae. It does not give much short term control, though it does sicken and weaken them, but in 2 years it GREATLY reduces their numbers due to cannibalism spreading the germ and the egg cases getting infected internally. They used to hatch by the thousands in my neighbor's yard until he let me spread Nolo Bait out front. This year I had an odd increase in the number of lubbers, maybe because of the cool wet El Nino winter, though they were still very manageable. Might be time I buy a new bag. I learned of it years ago in Colorado when ranchers and farmers used it to stem a classic plague of grasshoppers. But it works great on our lubbers too. You just have to be patient.

Nolo Bait has a short shelf to buy it directly from the source and broadcast it immediately.


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