Friday, June 25, 2010

Beneficial Bacteria from Yogurt and Kefir

My Dad's GERDS, plus MANY people I've met, have had their IBS/GERDS/acid reflux GREATLY improved by drinking weekly that yummy Lifeway kefir at Sweet Bay and Publix, which has 10 beneficial bacteria.....this study reveals why. Even just Activia yogurt helped a California friend, and I think it has just two bacteria. The blueberry kefir is delicious though my favorite is the plain. I recently made a batch of homemade kefir by adding a cup of Lifeway kefir to a gallon of milk a neighbor gave me that I'd poured into a clean glass cookie jar, covering the top with a clean washcloth rubberbanded in place, and set out overnight on my front porch. The next day the bacteria had multiplied BIG time and curdled the milk into a very thick cultured YUMMY kefir. Imagine the kefir one could make adding the Lifeway kefir to farm fresh, raw goat or cow's milk!


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