Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crops for Hot Humid Summers

Freshly harvested home grown gandule beans

Gandule Bean Pods

Black Eye Pea blossom

I just want to suggest that folks buy a bag of black eye peas and gandule beans (pigeon peas) at the grocery store (the latter in the Hispanic foods section) and plant them now as both glory in hot humid summers while bearing nutritious edible pods and seeds. Once the gandule beans get 6 feet tall or so, you can whack off side branches to offer to chickens as a valuable source of hard-to-get raw forage for their health and happiness each summer when brassicas either die or fail to thrive. Both are legumes and, like Velvet Beans, are excellent soil nitrifyers. Buying their seeds as a food item is a cheap way to get thousands of them!


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