Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dumpster Diving Tip

Whether you are new to mining resources from dumpsters, or a long time "diver", it's nice to leave the scene laden with treasures AND with clean hands. I keep in my Dodge Caravan an Arizona Green Tea jug filled with a VERY cheap home made hand cleaner and deodorizer. Just fill the jug with water to about an inch from the top, then add a few drops of dish washing liquid, and a few tablespoons of store brand pine cleaner (19.9% pine oil vs. the smidge in Pinesol), shake and keep your car along with a hand towel. If you dumpster dive by bike and backpack as I did in the 1970s, pour some of that same solution into a small plastic bottle from a recycle bin, and keep it and that towel in your backpack. I LOVE the sturdiness of Arizona Green Tea jugs and snatch them from recycle bins whenever I can. They are great for giving a friend a gallon of horse manure or compost tea or home made fish emulsion for their garden.

There's nothing like leaving a dumpster, blessed and laden with free treasure AND clean, pine-scented hands. John

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