Friday, June 18, 2010

Dragonfly Population Boom

I don't know if it is due to that chilly wet El Nino winter we had, or my mature large fishpond becoming a hatchery, but this year my yard has a HUGE population of dragonflies in many sizes and COLORS zipping and dipping all over my gardens, front and back, all day, every day. Aside from the joy I get from seeing them, they are blessing me with a near-total absence of mosquitoes. I am curious if anyone else here in central Florida or elsewhere is experiencing this delightful phenomenon.



  1. TONS of dragonflies here, too. And I didn't know they ate mosquitos, but I noticed I'm not getting bit as much as I usually do.

    Got my beans!!!! Thanks so very much for taking the time for me!

  2. many out here in valrico .... see my video?

    my latest blog post has something you might
    want to see .... funny and scary

  3. Hi Cora I am glad the beans arrived okay....they are so big, one person's envelope got chewed up by the postal sorting machine. Getaway...that link is inactive...I will search for it at YouTube. John