Sunday, December 1, 2013

Each Arizona Green Tea jug sanded and painted black and used daily to heat 1 gallon of rain water for my showers lasts about a year before the UV nukes it. I made a new one today. No need for the solar reflector dish in summer but it is needed on cold winter days so time to replace the tattered aluminum foil from Dollar Tree to get it back in working is based on an acrylic dish I dumpster dived many years ago at a plastics company in east Tampa now long gone. There is a 2 inch hole in the center so I also use it as a rain collector when placed atop a 9 gallon bucket. I stand in a plastic tub and catch that gallon of shower water and use it on container plants. I've not used the indoor shower in 6-7 years, so would love to know how many thousands of gallons of potable water I've saved with this and my simple bucket beneath the sink kitchen gray water recovery system I've used the last ten years!

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