Monday, December 16, 2013

As always, Everwilde Farms filled my order quickly. I would recommend that anyone gardening in cold rural areas in Florida try this crop (actually a Vetch vs. a true bean) as for years as a Denver gardener I witnessed this ancient crop's mind boggling cold hardiness. The flowers are bizarrely beautiful...pure white with pure black markings. In Denver I ate them cooked, both when the pods were green and full of large tender seeds, and as a dried bean. The flavor and texture is very hearty and satisfying. In Denver we'd sow the seeds in the fall JUST before the ground froze and they'd emerge the next spring LONG before the end of hard frosts and even blizzards...the plants simply were not fazed. Since they LIKE cold I am probably growing them in one of my front north facing beds in between roses and glads and nasturtiums.

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