Thursday, December 5, 2013

The 'Giant Red' or 'Red Giant' mustard is JUST mature enough to start to have that wonderful wasabi-like kick that is wonderful raw inside raw spring rolls, home made sushi and in salads. Cooked it becomes a mild green. Since 1984 I've also grown the VERY similar 'Osaka Purple' plus the very frilly 'Green Wave'. When mature and eaten raw they can make your sinuses explode! In Denver neighborhood kids would come to my front door each summer to ask for leaves and they'd "play chicken" to see who could take the biggest bite and NOT blow it out, their cute little faces bright red, eyes watering! I'm likely to try it in a kimchi once the plants are a lot can get knee high in good conditions. The mustard oil responsible for the heat is an excellent source of dietary sulfur.

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