Saturday, November 30, 2013

Six years of iodine supplementation really has finished off my sweet tooth....I used to love pumpkin pie, was given a small slice Thanksgiving day even though I declined....I barely got down one small bite due to it being painfully sweet. I also very much suspect that iodine is why my optometrist keeps freaking out.....I've had to get two new pair of glasses due to my eyes getting 40% stronger in 6 years! I've been blond all my life so wonder if that is why at 60 that I not only have no gray hair, it is now brown. It is a crucial nutrient that a great many people around the world are deficient in.....this site from a VERY reputable source showcases the vast number of body functions that require iodine.


  1. Tincture, Iodoral, kelp, 32. mg potassium iodide by Source Naturals.