Friday, December 13, 2013

Donna Sue Wallace shared a turmeric tea recipe yesterday on FaceBook that has inspired me to today invent a salad dressing beyond my usual home made oil and vinegar, or store bought bleu cheese. After breakfast and sit ups I'll put into my Ninja blender the following: strong kombucha tea, Meyer's lemon juice, turmeric powder, ripe papaya, honey, sea salt, raw onion, raw moringa leaves, garlic, food grade diatomaceous earth, and coconut oil. I'll buzz it all up and store in the fridge to use on salads of mixed garden greens and raw green papaya. The health benefits of turmeric are well known and documented, but I am just not a fan of the taste in entrees, especially in the amounts that would be medicinal, so I've been experimenting with adding it to strong flavored things to mask the taste, like that awesome first batch of green papaya kimchi that I made in September. I suspect that its taste will be barely detectable, if at all, in this pungent salad dressing.

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