Monday, December 16, 2013

I just learned today of a new scam, this one about "nascent iodine" being sold at INSANELY high prices for EXTREMELY diluted solutions by Alex Jones at InfoWars and other sites relying on pseudo-science language and entangled claims of benefits. As I read these sites I have to shake my head at the incredible science illiteracy, poor grammar and spelling as they hawk a near valueless product. Ordinary tincture of the same size at SweetBay is $1.19, and is how everyone I know started supplementing iodine. Lugol's Solution was the preferred form for 100 years and for many people still is, being an aqueous solution of two forms of iodine readily absorbed by the body. Coastal Japanese have gotten theirs for centuries by eating kelp seaweed and benefited immensely despite not having access to this "energized mono-atomic iodine". No wonder I've long taken Alex Jones with a VERY large grain of salt, especially his "chemtrails" rants, but his hawking this stuff at a LUDICROUS profit margin and with simply false New Age mumbo jumbo to try to sound all "scientific" has simply now put him off my radar entirely. He and others selling this overpriced form of iodine should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

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