Sunday, March 25, 2012

What A Bizarre Early Spring!

It is so odd to see Velvet Bean and Hyacinth Bean vines survive a  winter, with the latter in bloom and setting pods! I never thought I'd be getting my first nibbles of Molokhiya leaves in March, or see volunteer seedlings popping up in container gardens. The Passion Flower and Cucuca vines are racing thing you know I'll see my yams (Dioscorea) sending up their first shoots now vs. late April or early May. A downside of this early heat is seeing some of my Brassicas bolting early, with my nasturtiums and arugula fading fast. In a few minutes I'll be propagating sweet potato shoots emerging like crazy from the "official" sweet potato garden as I intend to grow MANY more this year, in both the new east bed and the south bed....maybe even the west bed. I'd LOVE it if this unseasonal heat brought us several MILD hurricanes and MANY tropical depressions to re-saturate Tampa....hard to believe that back in 2004 when we had so many hurricanes come here that I had TARO growing in one garden as a border plant (vs. a container garden as has been required ever since) and that I had 21 colonies of sixteen kinds of bananas!

As if I didn't have enough digging to do, now I've decided to dig two BIG holes and line them with scavenged pool liners, puncture them in several places about fifteen inches from the bottom, fill them with logs and yard waste and mukch and horse poop plus sand that came out of the hole, and turn one into a damp banana bog, and the other a damp guava patch.

One of these days this yard will be largely "done" and I can just sit back and enjoy the bounty!

 Guava Blooms
Banana Harvest 2004  Pisang Raja

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