Friday, March 16, 2012

Back home after assisting Dad in Okeechobee a few days, nice to feel rested this morning after a delicious "altering" last night after two sleepless nights there. Lovely breakfast omelet....three fresh eggs, chopped Sugar Snap peas, chopped Allium canadense and Lesbos basil leaves, chopped broccoli, fried in coconut oil. Life is good!

My newest batch of cheese made from dairy kefir grains is my best yet....the texture and taste remind me of a good cheddar with a hint of bleu cheese.

Sadly, instead of being settled in back home after five weeks in rehab as planned, Dad is back in a hospital on the east coasts for tests as to why he felt poorly almost as soon as he came home. Tests at the hospital in Okeechobee said all clear.

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