Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alyce Clover

I learned of this today from Lynda Mink on Face Book. It looks promising as a summer source of fresh greens for poultry while adding nitrogen to the soil and as a source of green compost material. I will poke about and see if the seeds can be bought by the pound. Thanks Lynda!



  1. Are you worried about it being a Root Knot Nematode reservoir? Are RKN's something you have to deal w/?

    They cause me no end of problems despite adding tons (literally) of organic matter every year to my yard.

    Any hints you have would be much appreciated.

    Dig your blog...

  2. Root knot nematodes cause me few problems partly because of all the organic matter I add, because I keep my pH fairly high, and because years ago I inoculated my yard with predatory nematodes. My carrots and okra each year have quite smooth healthy looking roots.