Monday, March 12, 2012

Legalize Chickens in Tampa

I have to miss the city council meeting about chickens on the 15th in order to assist my Dad recuperating from 8 months of severe illness, and so have asked two friends who might be in attendance to read this brief statement. I'd e-mail it to council members but two have confirmed what I LONG suspected...they rarely, if ever, read their e-mails.

"I have raised chickens in several communities since 1991 and not only have I had NO problems with neighbors, they enjoyed both the eggs and the ambiance, giving me empty cartons and food scraps in support. Chickens rid yards of roaches, slugs and grubs and weeds, add fertility to the soil, cause no odor or fly or noise problems, all the while helping to feed families and educating children about where wholesome local food really comes from. It is my hope that Tampa will lead the way by ENCOURAGING home poultry keeping and gardening just as both were championed in America during World War II. Thank you for considering my views and request. John Starnes in Sun Bay South, Tampa".

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  1. There is another council meeting where they'll finally decide if chickens are legal. The meeting is April 26th, and you can find out more about it at