Saturday, March 31, 2012

A combination of herding the chickens and ducks into the 5 main beds in the back yard at varying times last year largely eliminated my SEVERE problem with Starre grass and Spanish Needle 'Bidens', and hand pulling 'Bidens' and Florida Pellitory (which I thought was Chickweed until meeting Andy Firk and taking his herb walk at the Sustainable Living Conference last Saturday) from the front yard to feed to the flocks is QUICKLY letting me tame that area too. Seed production of both is now a fraction of what it goal is to CEASE seed production by them as I phase in own root roses in buried Water Wise Container Gardens plus annuals and perennials out front. Thank you Joel Salatin for inspiring me to rely on rotational grazing for weed control!  MUCH MUCH easier and MUCH more effective, plus I like seeing the weeds transformed into eggs and meat!

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