Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easy Poultry Mites Cure

Some years back I learned the hard way of the existence of poultry mites....HUNDREDS of very itchy bites on me within a week, plus who knows the hell the quail and chickens endured. They even got into the house and my bed as back then I stored Mr. Rooster's sleeping box in my laundry room vs. the garden shed. They were very likely introduced by the crafty crows entering the hen house. I put a kitty litter box of food grade diatomaceous earth in the quail pen and hen house to give the poor things immediate relief...and it DID! It showed in their demeanor. I learned that year that the mites, just like red spider mites on plants, require dry dusty conditions, so I ran my shower sprinkler in each pen for 20 minutes. Problem solved. I do this once each spring. In the last week I got about 8 bites, so as I type the sprinkler is doing a 20 minute run in the hen house. A side benefit of this spring ritual is that is gives "Gray Street Grape" not only a deep watering, it rinses the winter accumulation of chicken poop into the root zone.

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