Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Weekend on the Farm

Despite my being laid up with a crappy cold and fever, I've gotten a fair amount of things done indoors and out. I posted some new videos on YouTube, and roses pics at my Rosegasms blog, kept the kitchen in decent shape for a change, and  am re-doing my bed to get rid of the "sick feeling" and have fresh sheets and pillow cases for tonight.

Today, just as I finished putting some Big Boy tomato seedlings in 4 inch pots and started potting more Caribbean Red papaya seedlings, Cracker and I got hammered with a few BIG but widely space the time we got to the backdoor the rain began in earnest. Then the deluge REALLY came, with very bright and powerful distant lightning. A little more than half an hour later it faded to a light sprinkle so I checked the rain gauge that this morning I made sure was empty.....3.7 inches! Those 16 papayas and other plants now nestled and fed in my south side Food Forest will take off now.

I got in a short time ago from bartering herbs for kitchen scraps from a nearby restaurant....the 7 gallon bucket was about 5/6 full after a VERY scant last couple of days! Some went to the 7 ducks (now 8) in the center garden, some to the chickens in their coop, and when I opened the door to the duckpen I was able to grab the tail of a female, clip one wing, and put her in the center garden where a male Muscovy promptly mated with her. Nice to see them free range in that big spacious garden eating my Bidens weeds for me after 6 months in safe confinement in that pen.

My cold is better, plenty of food for me and my critters, a wonderful soaking is good down on my farm.


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