Monday, September 5, 2011

Simple Cheap Graywater Recovery

Here as in Denver in the early 90s,  my "system" started out as a delaying tactit regarding replacing a leaky sink trap. But in both cases I ended up removing the trap, stuffing a used plastic grocery bag into the outflow pipe to plug it up so that "sewer gas" (methane) can't back up into the kitchen then slipping a bucket beneath the sink drain. Since I now and then overflow the 4 gallon bucket,  I set it in a dumpster-dived plastic tray. I love this approach for a few reasons:

1. It makes visible and quantifiable my water use....I can't believe how OFTEN I had to empty the bucket at the beginning each time! Folks who let the water run while peeling carrots sure won't if they do this!

2. It then results in GREATLY reduced water use.

3. By using White Rain or Suave shampoo from Dollar Tree (both get dishes SQUEAKY clean despite being much milder than dish detergent) I can take each bucketful to a dry spot or Water Wise Container Garden for reuse.

4. The bits of food scraps feed the bacteria and earthworms and hence the soil.

5. It reminds me that in Iraq and Afghanistan and in so much of the world, people have to walk great distances to bring water HOME...the least I can do is carry a bucket of  graywater 40 feet to a banana plant!


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