Friday, September 9, 2011

My Evolving Food Forest

I have become enamored with this concept and have commited that big garden area around the apple snail pond I have turned into a giant Water Wise Container by using my machete to stab the sides about a dozen times about 2 feet from the bottom; am now filling it with waste soil, logs, mulch, etc. When it is filled I plant my guava and jaboticaba in there since they are swamp trees. Three cuttings of moringa stuck in the ground around the pond have rooted and are growing like crazy, and today I dug a deep pit, threw in dead bidens, two rotten log sections, soil then plant two baby neem trees there. Between it and the closest moringa I am burying a 55 gallon drum Water Wise Container Garden and planting in it the super dwarf Cavendish banana John and Debbie Butts gave me. The chickens have de-weeded 99% of the south end of that bed but have been stymied by the tall bidens at the south end. Once I pull it all out to feed to the ducks I mulch the whole bed then plant about a dozen papaya plants. I hope we have a mild winter so I don't lose my papayas like I have the two previous winters. John

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  1. I'm working towards a food forest as well!! : ) hopefully we can get together soon and chat!