Monday, September 26, 2011

Weather Control

I still feel weak and drained by day 4-5 of this mega-cold and lousy sleep quality, which I gather is popping up all over Florida, so all I got done outdoors was to mulch a short section of pathway out front just to see the task begun, then around all the newly planted papayas in the Food Forest.

I did a load of laundry and by setting the basket of wet clothes on my back porch I was able to trigger a  dark violent storm that came in from the Gulf. A VERY close lightning strike just about made Cracker and me jump out of our skins!

Light steady sprinkle right now, so I checked my rain gauge in the south bed.....  3/4 inch so far, with local radar saying more is on the sure sounds like it west of me.

One of my biggest gardening lessons of 2011 has been...."Want rain? Set out a load of wet laundry" !


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