Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stinkbug Response

For over a week now Blogspot won't let me respond to comments I get here the reader for whom stinkbugs are not a problem count yourself lucky as they can decimate cucusas and other summer crops! John


  1. Blogger has been a stink bug itself the last month. I found if you don't have the "stay signed in" clicked you can leave comments again.

    And I would say they aren't looking... LOL


  2. Thank you! I didn't know what those things were that were destroying my roma tomatoes. When I first noticed them, they looked like big red aphids. I tried spraying them with soap, and diamataceous earth, to no effect. I finally resorted to picking them off by hand and drowning them in a bucket. I like the soda bottle idea better, though.

  3. Aha! I looked again, and found a perfect picture. I am emailing it to you.

  4. lucky to those who haven't encounter any invasion of stink bugs, but those who have encountered we must have a really fast solution because our crops will be losing.