Monday, June 13, 2011

Rare Fruit Council meeting

Yesterday I attended the Tampa group meeting at the Bayshore Garden Club....good presentation on citrus diseases, especially the scary new "Citrus Greening" that is killing my friend Pat's orange tree. As usual the potluck was stellar.....guess who got seconds? I got a free loquat tree left over the raffle.....I will plant it out front in the center as I am being influenced more and more by the 'Food Forest' concept. For that reason as I complete the re-invention of the front yard I will be planting quite a few papayas in between the roses and perennials and annuals to provide light shade cover AND food.

Yesterday I cut off two 10 inch long stems of molokhiya, used the leaves in a meal, then dipped the cuttings in old rooting hormone then stuck them DEEP in a back patio Water Wise Container Garden just to see if they root.

Now off to toss some fish carcasses Pat gave me into my homemade fish emulsion barrel.


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