Monday, June 13, 2011

Red Stink Bugs?

I've never heard of red stink bugs....I wonder if you had box elder bugs, though I've never heard of them attacking any kind of plant, including tomato. I'm cutting and pasting this to use as a post if this third attempt to respond fails. I wonder what's going on with Blogspot?  John

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  1. I had to work at posting a comment, as well. It finally worked when I used my Google profile instead of my Wordpress one.

    The red ones were babies, I think. They seemed to turn grey as they grew up and changed shape. Also, they had an oval shaped wide spot in the middle of each hind leg, which I don't remember seeing in the pictures, now that you mention it. I assumed they were attacking the tomatoes, since it was when I saw them congregating that leaves began to die, as if something was sucking all the life out of them. Unless it was a coincidence. Anything is possible, I suppose.

    I have so much to learn!