Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Must Be Nice....

No wonder the people in Congress (who get LIFE TIME pensions and free health care from serving just ONE term) can, with no detectable empathy, propose deep cuts in social services to the citizenry they wrest taxes from "to help cut the deficit" while expanding the already obscene military "defense" budget that expands Empire vs. actually defending our nation. Check out the link below about our "public servants" in Congress and the family budgets they struggle to live within.

They make these proposals as millions of Americans do their best to be frugal, including gardening at home and joining community gardens to try to insure their families eat in these very difficult times. Since this is no longer a democratic republic but an oligarchy that has no moral qualms about sending our children off to their wars of choice for profit (while steadfastly avoiding the military service for them and theirs that they tell us is an "honor") while robbing and imprisoning us ( the "Land of The Free" has just 5% of the world's population but 25% of the prison population) perhaps it is time to take note of the "Arab Spring" and get their undivided attention.

I bet they'd take note if next spring ALL middle class and lower class Americans "forget" to file their tax returns, or if we all withdrew all our funds from our bank accounts and stashed the cash safely, or if we discouraged our children from joining the military services that have VERY little to do with "protecting our freedoms" and that instead create vast numbers of "terrorists" around the world by making unprovoked land grabbing invasions and regime change possible.....George Bush did not personally invade Iraq.....hundreds of thousands of obedient US soldiers did. The shockingly amoral criminals of the Bush regime, instead of facing trials at home and abroad and justice and possible prison time WITH that 25%, instead got even richer plus book deals and taxpayer-provided lifetime pensions and "socialist" health care plans none of us could ever dream of. But heaven help the American caught enjoying the simple safe pleasures of the cannabis plant that our Founding Fathers enjoyed. (yup, Google it and read their personal letters).

I can only imagine how Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and Ben Franklin and more would be heartbroken if they could see how their brave dream has become a nightmare for hundreds of millions of people around the world, including here at home. More and more it seems to me that the time has come to emulate the non-violent social actions of Gandhi, Lennon and King before we lose our nation forever to a soulless, conscienceless, and incredibly spoiled plutocracy that seems virtually psychopathic in its lack of empathy for the people they govern and affect around Planet Earth.

I recently saw a quote I love although I forget who said it.....
"Garden as if your life depended on it, because it does".


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