Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Color Accents

I for years have loved cheery color accent flowers placed near white objects in the landscape, and so today I planted deep pink/white eye Vincas in the beds hugging the street. The white birdbaths, mailbox and edgings will highlight the contrast while pentas, various salvias, African Foxglove, sunflowers and more advance as summer progresses. My rain barrels out front allow for easy spotwaterings of new plantings like these, with kitchen graywater soon to be their main relief in this persistent perennial drought. Today I flung over these three street beds two 4 gallon buckets of "Super Poop" (pure horse poop, pee, hair and hoof trimmings) from my neighborhood stable atop the recent oak leaf sheet composting to be soon given a deep watering to enrich and revitalize the dry sandy soil. I got the tray of 18 hybrid vincas for $9.99 and look forward to their contribution to my efforts to make my front yard tidier, rosier and damper via making and burying many dozens of Water Wise Container Gardens.

As much as I love growing food, I enjoy using color accents and scavenged items in my efforts to boost the productivity and visual appeal of my all-too-casual landscape.  John

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