Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

Having lived in bone dry New Mexico and Colorado, plus seeing my native Florida enter a long term "drought as the new norm" era has triggered my innate obsessiveness to find ways to use less, and gather more, water. The air handler for my AC heat pump has its drip line at ground level out doors, so a few months ago, FINALLY, I thought to disconnect it and put a bucket beneath the indoor drip spout, which is located behind my 'Incredibly Red Hall' art project. The bucket gets filled about once a week and I use this pure distilled water on my tomatoes growing in 5 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens. The bucket, the giant Fresnel lenses that add a delightful trippyness to the Incredibly Red Hall project that hides the air handler, were all dumpster dived and scrounged. But I DID buy the programmed Christmas lights at an after-Christmas sale.

Saving this AC water plus my kitchen graywater, along with my rain barrels, will allow me to further reduce my use of potable water, and hence, my water use and sewer charge bills.

Hey, free and cheap is good for my budget AND the planet. John

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