Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank You!

One of my gardening students, Jerry DiFiglio, blew my mind with his very generous gift of two of these super-sturdy, steel-framed totes that each holds 250 gallons for me to convert into mega-rain barrels....he even delivered them all the way from his place in Tarpon Springs! Since for six years now, drought to one degree or another has become the new norm for my native Florida that was lush and green and WET in the 60s and 70s, these totes were a wonderful and very generous gift that will help me grow my roses in buried Water Wise Container Gardens out front.

He also gave me a 44 lb. bag of the Azomite rock he is a distributor of for me to test and share with my gardening friends to see how we feel about its performance. When I Googled it I was very impressed by the broad range of trace elements it contains being, in essence, prehistoric volcanic ash. Thanks Jerry!   John

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