Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jamaican Cherry (Muntingia calabura)

I've wanted this tropical fruit shrub/tree for a few years and have always failed with seeds...they sprout by the HUNDREDS time after time, then refuse to grow. But my new gardening friend Jim Porter scored me a 7 foot tall one in a 3 gallon bucket for $27 while volunteering for the Tampa Rare Fruit Council booth at the USF Botanic Gardens Plant Sale! About an hour ago I buried the 7 gallon Water Wise Container Garden I transplanted it into yesterday in the SW corner of my main back bed, then gave it a 45 minute deep soak using the Mist setting on the hose nozzle plunged into the oak leaf/catkins mulch I covered the area with after planting it. It is already in bloom and like I e-mailed Jim it is very vulnerable to cold so I WILL, at last, get good at propagating it! Woo Hoo!   John

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