Monday, April 18, 2011

Free, Mostly Wild Pest Control

Here in balmy central Florida the native green anole and Cuban anoles eat vast numbers of aphids, flies, baby caterpillars and other small insects plus spider mites. The exotic white ibises probe the soil for grubs that would otherwise damage roots. Cardinals and other song birds feast both on insects and weed seeds. My psycho-Siamese cat Luvyu years ago rid the yard of the citrus rats that used to eat EACH AND EVERY FREAKIN' papaya that would grow here long before I'd get a chance to pick them. And the chickens dutifully scour the mulch and debris for roaches, as they LOVE food that moves.So my roach problem is virtually non-existent. So not only is there no need for pesticides, they'd endanger all these natural allies, the lizards and frogs in particular.  John

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