Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thank You!

I very much appreciate the great comments and encouragement I get from folks about my work on this urban farming and self sufficiency blog, and plan on making it more useful and interesting as it ripens on the vine. Thanks too to the folks who offer financial support by donating to my blog via the PayPal button at the bottom, though I will gladly accept checks and cash in the mail too, or slipped through the Honor System slot in my red office door that local folks use to pay me for my edible plants when I am all adds up and I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness!

John Starnes
3212 West Paxton Avenue
Tampa FL 33611

Thanks too to the many local folks who attend my classes here, and that purchase my eclectic mix of edible crops. Money is tight for nearly everyone these days, and so I am very grateful to those who financially support my efforts as a gardening/urban farming blogger sharing what I've learned over the years as an organic gardener growing much of his own food.


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