Friday, October 29, 2010

My Universe Wish List

underside of gold stealth AEROGAMI plane

Display at an art show in south Tampa some years back

A very different folding format is used to create these SST

Inspired by the 1990's European 'HOTOL' shuttle proposed then....."tail fin"
over the nose a key my planes it greatly prevents stalling, gives
smooth flights
Here are a few things I desire to trade plants or cooked frozen Velvet Beans for with local readers of my blogs to aid me with gardening and cooking and art projects, plus my RC foam airplanes:

1. Gallons of just-expired milk to make cheese and kefir with
2. Broken carbon fiber fishing poles to use to strengthen the wings and bodies of my foam planes
3. Camera tripod to allow me to shoot various demos for my YouTube channel
4. used 1 gallon pots, hundreds of them, for my cottage plant sales business
5. big sheets of 1/4" mirror for my livingroom floor project
6. fertile eggs of Rhode Island Reds to hatch in my incubator
7. sheet of BlueCore foam insulation to make planes from
8. servos and speed controllers for electric RC foam planes
9. piano wire to connect the servos to the rudders and elevons
10.a metal wok
11.reflector telescope
12.a young male Border Collie mutt
13. a damaged bike wheel with carbon fiber spokes I can use in my foam planes
14.metal crab trap, the kind that closes up and traps the crabs inside when you pull up on the
15.a specimen of 'Jamaican Cherry' (Muntingia calabura)

I can offer various edible plants, OODLES of cool veggie seeds, cuttings from roses and Bolivian Sunflower, or my small painted AEROGAMI paper airplanes.
Thanks in advance!


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