Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Gardening from Seeds in Tampa

The cool thing about gardening here is that we get to sow crops that folks in cold climates, like Denver where I lived and gardened for 15 years, plant in the spring. I've now sown in Water Wise Container Garden trays and the soil the seeds of edibles and herbs like ashwagandha, daikon 'Minovase', Finnochio and leafy fennel, Ethiopian kale, Waltham 29 broccoli, catnip, arugula, purple kosaitai, Nero di Toscana kale, 'American Flag' leeks, mizuna hybrid, Thai hot peppers, 3 kinds of tomatoes, plus ornamentals like Fordhook Tall snapdragons, Unwin Hybrid dahlias, clarkia, Dwarf Jewel Mix nasturtiums, white sweet alyssum, Bachelor's Buttons, Shirley Poppies, with more to come. The cool autumn has been helpful but this bizarre "mini-drought" that took the place of hurricanes and tropical storms has NOT been....we are SO dry here. And the "official" dry season has yet to begin, with a strong La Nina' now brewing in the Pacific....looks to be a grimly desiccating winter gardening season! I will share photos of these varying crops as they mature.

Happy Gardening! John


  1. John, Where'd you get your Dwarf Jewel Mix nasturtiums? Thanks, Jim (from FNL)

  2. Hi Jim

    I bought a whole POUND of their seeds for just $13 plus shipping from Applewood Seeds in Colorado, whom I happily dealt with for years when I lived and gardened and landscaped in Denver for 15 years. They have MANY seeds in bulk at great prices, like California Poppy, Bachelor's Buttons, white sweet alyssum and MANY more. Google them for their toll free number.....great folks. A little teensy packet of 'Dwarf Jewel Mix' on a seeds rack can be $2.29! John

  3. Hey Jim

    I should have a young female chicken for you by or e-mail to see what we might swap for it. John 813 839 0881