Saturday, October 9, 2010

Greek Columnar Basil 'Lesbos' plants for sale

SIX plants available as of Saturday, October 9

I have a new crop of this unique interspecies hybrid that has unusually potent small leaves in vast numbers on erect growing plants that can reach three feet tall in good soil and full sun, either in a garden or a large pot. It rarely blooms so you do not have to pinch off bud clusters very often....this results in extremely vigorous growth that allows me to make and freeze vast amounts of pesto each summer. The flavor is also perfect for Asian cuisine, such as inside fresh spring rolls.

The plants go woody and decline in about one year, so be sure to root a six inch long cutting monthly to insure a permanent supply of this wonderfully pungent herb. A friend in Sulphur Springs says his thrive in a fair amount of shade. Be sure to grow one in a pot to bring in during frosts and freezes. Friends who have always struggled with basil can't believe their success, plus how easily it roots from cuttings.

I have 6 plants in one gallon pots for $5 each, all grown in home made soil with no pesticides. They are sitting on glass tables, each marked with a section of white miniblind, along with other edible plants, right by my front porch: If I am out, just use my honor system to slip your cash through the dryer vent payment slot in my red office door. The address is: 3212 West Paxton Avenue Tampa 33611, about 6 blocks south of Gandy and 1 1/2 blocks west of MacDill, jungly yard on the south side. Please park on my mulched area to avoid damaging my neighbors' lawns. Thanks in advance and Happy Gardening! John Starnes

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