Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home Cheese Making

Freshly salted pressed cheese curd

The big new refrigerator my Dad gave me!

I have found by accident that when I make kefir, if I put in a quart of mixed fruit juices ('Old Orchard' brand like blueberry pomegranate) and 1/2 cup sugar and do a 3-4 day ferment in my warm laundry room, I get wonderful firm curds for home cheese making. Since the Lifeway brand kefir I use for the "starter" has 10 beneficial bacteria, my cheeses by default are probiotic. Today I am making a new batch, but this time will dry the air drying technique mentioned below so as to get a true "rind" on the cheese before aging it in my fridge for 6 months. I am hoping to barter fresh eggs and veggies with a south Tampa dairy department manager for their gallons of milk that expire on a given day so I can use the big beautiful new refrigerator my Dad gave me to pursue home cheese making in earnest. The link below offers nice overviews of the simplicity of this ancient craft. Oh to make some cheese with local fresh raw milk!


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