Monday, August 9, 2010

Iodine Supplementation for Good Health for People and Pets

Hey John, I've been meaning to e-mail you for a while to ask you about it, since you posted it on the Barefoot Gardener's list. Then I was going to ask you when I saw you at the Community Garden meeting, but you left before I got a chance! I've been hearing more about Iodine recently, and was going to ask you about your pet dosage for my cat who has hyperthyroidism. Then yesterday my chiropractor tested me for mineral deficiency, and gave me some organically bound mineral tablets that include 225mcg of iodine! What brand would you recommend and what has been your experience with it, if you don't mind sharing? Thanks for bringing the subject up! Cheers, Natasha

Hi Natasha,

My friends and I (and our pets) all began either with daily consumption of dried kelp seaweed (cheap at the Oceanic Market in downtown Tampa) and/or with a few drops daily in juice or water of the tincture used on cuts ($1.19 at Sweetbay) once we confirmed that the LAST thing iodine is is toxic (it's been used to sterilize drinking water while camping for decades). The skull and crossbones on that bottle got put there nearly 70 years ago due to Big Pharm bribing congressman as it empowered people to easily and cheaply prevent and self treat MANY diseases through the use of then widely available Lugol's Solution. Most of us ending up buying 12.5 mg Iodoral tablets or 32.5 mg. potassium iodide tablets, Source Naturals brand. Coastal Japanese take in 37-42 mg. or MORE daily from kelp, etc, and are remarkably free of cancer, thyroid and breast issues and more. Yet our gov't tells us that their blood levels of iodine are "toxic".....hmmmmm. Most western nations have an RDA for iodine 83-100 times HIGHER than our gov't's paltry 150 MICROGRAMS a day, which is barely enough to prevent goiter. But that 225 micrograms would be a start, in my opinion since I am not a doctor! John

p.s. iodine supplementation did WONDERS to not only add two years to my wonderful dog Sweety's life, they were two QUALITY years. I learned about iodine after wasting $200 at a south Tampa vet who somehow mistook her classic profile of symptoms of advanced hypothyroidism for flea allergy! Within THREE days of my adding a tablespoon of shredded kelp to her daily stew, her symptoms of incontinence, failing back legs, lethargy, skin itching and odor and dull coat began to reverse DRAMATICALLY! I then switched to a few drops a day of the tincture daily in her stew and within three months she looked and acted ten years younger. People at the dog beach marvelled when I'd tell them her age and how tragic she looked before iodine. That one $1.19 bottle of tincture of iodine from Sweetbay lasted that two years that she had a whole new lease on life that in turn triggered an epiphany in my life and many of my friend's ( and their pets') lives. No WONDER Big Pharm tried (and tries) to discredit iodine supplementation, especially the classic iodine supplement Lugol's Solution. Check out what the Linus Pauling Institute, and the World Health Organization, have to say about the CRUCIAL role of iodine in human health!

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